The Soul Mutation monsters are a set of monsters with unique drops. You can use summon stones obtained from guild bosses for a chance to summon a soul mutation monster. Once obtained, take the summon stone to Summoner Babyron in Ilya (288, 159) and select “Enter the Summon Lost Realm” to use the stones. You may speak to Babyron again to leave the instance.

Press L, select History, and click on Guild Conquests to view your achievements for Soul Mutation monsters.

Monster Name Information
I00716.png Lv.15 «Soul Mutation» Calamity Giant [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Calamity Giant - Fame Points: 1
I00716.png Lv.25 «Soul Mutation» Giant Glutton [Achievement] Warrior who defeated GIant Glutton - Fame Points: 1
I00716.png Lv.34 «Soul Mutation» Cruel Incubus [Achievement] Warrior who defeated - Fame Points: 1
I00716.png Lv.45 «Soul Mutation» Pain Harbinger [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Pain Harbinger - Fame Points: 1
I00716.png Lv.55 «Soul Mutation» Pure Hatred [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Pure Hatred - Fame Points: 2
I00716.png Lv.63 «Soul Mutation» Source of Monstrosity [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Source of Monstrosity - Fame Points: 3
I00716.png Lv.74 «Soul Mutation» Desolation Knight [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Desolation Knight - Fame Points: 13
I00716.png Lv.82 «Soul Mutation» Azure Terror [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Azure Terror - Fame Points: 25
I00716.png Lv.87 «Soul Mutation» Disease Carrier [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Disease Carrier - Fame Points: 32
I00716.png Lv.93 «Soul Mutation» Cruelwing [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Cruelwing - Fame Points: 36
I00716.png Lv.100 «Soul Mutation» Death Gargoyle [Achievement] Warrior who defeated Death Gargoyle - Fame Points: 40
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