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What are Ultimates

Once you have gone through your class change process from level 85 into level 86, you will be able to acquire many new things, one of them being Ultimates. Each class branch other than the mechanical class will each have one Ultimate. Ultimates are basically formulas for new skills for each class, and are game changers for some classes.

Where to get your Ultimates

Formulas for Ultimates are dropped by bosses in Blazing Kaslow (L86+) as well as Condemned Island (L88+) or Mutated Forbidden Temple (L88+). In order to enter either of the normal dungeons you will need to have done the main quests for them but if you decide to not do the chain quests for either dungeons, you can enter Condemned Island starting at L86 with the purchase of a Black Market Condemned Island Ticket from Black Marketeer Hal in Heirloom Peninsula (531, 660). The tickets are 200g each.

Black Market CITicket.jpg

Keep in mind, each ticket is only good for one run so once you leave the dungeon you will need another ticket to get back inside.

If you choose not to do the main quests for either of the normal dungeons and do not want to pay for the tickets for Condemned Island, you can be patient and wait until L88 to do Mutated Forbidden Temple (aka MFT) for the Ultimates as well. Forbidden Temple's main quest is much easier and shorter than both Condemned Island and Blazing Kaslow so it is a good alternative, not to mention that MFT is done by many of those who are leveling, so you can farm for your Ultimate while working on getting to 90 or 100.

How to alch Ultimates and how they work

Formulas, which are dropped in the above mentioned dungeons, require just the formula itself and Mysterious Energy Shard x 250 when you alch them at any Alchemy NPC. They have a 100% chance of success so no Blessed Alchemy Clover (BAC) is needed when creating these Ultimates.

Note: Ultimates are non-tradeable and the finished products for them are also non-tradeable!

Once you have made the final product, you can right-click on the item and you will now have a new skill! Once you have acquired the new skill, you can easily upgrade them by talking to the Skills NPCs in each of the major cities and upgrade them you would a normal skill (by reaching the correct levels and having the right amount of gold in your bag).

List of Ultimates, by class

Name Class Effect
Sprite King's Ultimate Divine Impact Crusader / Holy Knight Shield limitation.
Target's own Malice increases +2000 points. If target's HP is below 40%, his or her HP will decrease -500 every sec. His or her Hit will decrease -20%. Effect lasts for 15 seconds.
Sprite King's Ultimate Blood Rampage Deathknight / Destroyer Melee Attack Speed +40% and Physical Attack +20% for 15 seconds. Only effective when HP is below 40%.
Sprite King's Ultimate Piercing Shot Hawkeye / Predator Ranged weapon limitation.
Cast to inflict standard attack and 800 pts physical damage on a single enemy target. Inflicts additional 2500 pts damage if target is immobilized.
Sprite King's Ultimate Spreading Poison Windshadow / Shinobi +300 pts Nature Damage to each physical attack. Physical Defense of targets within 15 yards will reduce by 6% every 2 seconds. Target also sustains additional 5% damage when attacked. Stacks up to 4 times. Effect lasts for 15 seconds.
Sprite King's Ultimate Elemental Boost Avatar / Warlock Cast to inflict 950 pts magic damage on a single enemy target. This also decreases Enemy Magic Defense by -10% and Lightning, Fire, and Ice resistances by -30%. Lightning, Fire and Ice damage caused by caster increase by 400. Lasts for 10 seconds.
Sprite King's Ultimate Soul Drain Shadowlord / Shinigami Cast to inflict 800 magic damage on a single enemy target. If enemy is under Feeble status, caster can then restore up to 25% of the damage inflicted and +15% Magic Attack. Target is unable to cast skills for 10 seconds.
Sprite King's Ultimate Holy Light Barrier Saint / Archangel Cast to raise target's Physical and Magic Defense by 60% and Evade by 18%; lasts for 15 seconds. Only effective when HP of friendly unit is below 40%.
Sprite King's Ultimate Tree of Life Shaman / Druid Requires one leaf from the Tree of Life.
Cast to summon Tree of Life to Battlefield for 20 seconds. Tree of Life's magical power will heal all friendly units within 15 yards by 2000 HP every 2 seconds.