Island decor can either be bound on your sprite island or it can be archived for points. All island decor is worth 10 collection points per piece. Each full style set includes 6 different pieces but can of course be mixed and matched according to your tastes, very much like costumes.

Island Decor by Style

Only the released versions will be listed here. Those not in the archive will be added as they get added to the archive.

Azure Ocean Style

Icon Name Type
I00906 Seaside Villa Main and Auxiliary Buildings
I00907 Lapis Seawater Fountain Large Decoration
I00908 Picturesque Parasol Lighting
I00909 Breezy Double Decker Garden Decoration
I00910 Lazy Days Lounger Bench
I00911 Handmade Ceramic Jar Sundries

Classic Brick Style

Icon Name Type
I00912 Nobility Mansion Main and Auxiliary Buildings
I00913 Classic Fountain Large Decoration
I00914 Notice for Marquis's Territory Lighting
I00915 Brick Flower Garden Decoration
I00916 Classic Loveseat Bench
I00917 Antique Storage Box Sundries

Dilapidated Ruins Style

Icon Name Type
I00882 Thriller Ghost House Main and Auxiliary Buildings
I00883 Parched Fountain Large Decoration
I00884 Broken Street Lamp Lighting
I00885 Withered Flower Garden Decoration
I00886 Decrepit Bench Bench
I00887 Broken Wooden Barrel Sundries

Dragon Palace Style

Icon Name Type
I01323 Dragon Palace Main and Auxiliary Buildings
I01324 Coral Reef Large Decoration
I01325 Luminous Shell Lighting
I01326 Undersea Chest Decoration
I01327 Azure Boat Bench
I01328 Deep Sea Fern Sundries

Jack Style

Icon Name Type
I01640 House of Horrors Main and Auxiliary Buildings
I01641 spectral Steed Statue Large Decoration
I01642 Spinner's Lamp Lighting
I01643 Wisewood Jack-o-Lantern Decoration
I01644 Batty Loveseat Bench
I01645 Castle Crypt Sundries

Christmas Style

Icon Name Type
I01768 Echanted Christmas Tree Main and Auxiliary Buildings
I01769 Christmas Snow Globe Large Decoration
I01770 Candy Cane Street Light Lighting
I01771 Festive Snowman Party Decoration
I01772 Christmas Train Seats Bench
I01773 Bright Poinsettia Sundries
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