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Prairie Cave (PC) is the first dungeon in Grand Fantasia! It is located in Kaslow Plains at (X:177, Y:668) This Main Quest requires item drops from all of the bosses, so be sure to have space in your backpack and your sprite out so they can pick the items up for you.

The title from the MO is [Spelunker] (Magic Attack +5%, Defense -3%).




Main Quest

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You automatically acquire the first quest at level 17 called [L17. The Seal of the Prairie Cave]. For this quest, you must talk to Tido in Kaslow Plains (X:783, Y:264), Xiapuna in Moonlight Forest (X:445, Y:227), and Yalashi in Steam Mine Mountain (X:462, Y: 386) to complete it.

While at the NPC's, each one will have an additional quest for the dungeon you should take;

  • Accept Quest [L22. Mystery of Lake Mila] from Yalashi which requires you to kill Antoraya and collect Strength of Bodor's Thoughts.
  • Accept Quest [L23. Monster Beneath the Lake] from Xiapuna which requires you to kill Ohmudo and collect Strength of Bodor's Spirit.
  • Accept Quest [L24. Rumors about Lake Mila] from Tido which requires you to kill Rubis and collect Strength of Bodor's Will.

Once you have all the quests and have talked to Xiapuna, Yalashi, and Tido, turn in [L17. The Seal of the Prairie Cave] to Bodor's Seal Stone inside Prairie Cave (Directly in front of you when you enter the dungeon).

Your objective in this dungeon is very straight forward: Kill the bosses and collect their items.

Antoraya is directly to the lower right when you enter the dungeon. Defeat Antoraya and pick up Strength of Bodor's Thoughts. Turn the quest in to the Red Seal Stone behind where Antoraya was at.

  • Mob Note: The mobs on the way to Antoraya spam Poison and Weakening Strike, but they're not too difficult to deal with.
  • Boss Note: Antoraya casts Poison and Sky Breaker Strike on you.

Ohmudo is in the upper right section of the dungeon. Defeat Ohmudo and pick up Strength of Bodor's Spirit. Turn the quest in to the Yellow Seal Stone behind where Ohmudo was at.

  • Mob Note: The mobs on the way to Ohmudo spam Terra Ripple and Shining Judgement you.
  • Boss Note: Ohmudo spams Shining Judgement on you for the most part, but near death he will begin to spam Seal on you.

Rubis is located at the upper left of the dungeon. Defeat Rubis and pick up Strength of Bodor's Will. Turn the quest in to the Blue Seal Stone behind where Rubis was at.

  • Mob Note: The mobs on the way to Rubis spam Weakening Strike and Misfortune, which can be very annoying to get passed when you're trying to mob them all.
  • Boss Note: Rubis spams Weakening Strike, Misfortune, and Terra Ripple.

Greed, the final boss, is not part of the Main Quest and you only need to do him if you'd like the credit for him and the title you get for finishing the Mission Order.

  • Greed Note: Greed will spam Freeze, Ice Arrow, and Weakening Strike on you.


Name Level Type
Quartzback Spider 20 Beast


Garnetback Spider 20 Beast


Ancient Stone Soldier 21 Elemental


Mutant Spider Egg 21 Beast


Mossy Stone Soldier 22 Elemental


Stone Striker Soldier 22 Elemental


Wicked Bone Wolf 23 Undead


Bodor's Key 23 Demon


«Natural Parasite» Antoraya 22 Beast

Instance Boss

«Grassland Trampler» Ohmudo 23 Elemental

Instance Boss

«Dark Watchdog» Rubis 24 Undead

Instance Boss

«Giant Enemy Crab» Emissary - Greed 30 Demon

Instance Boss