Welcome to mount leveling guide! Here is a few simple steps to start leveling your mount to add few stats! Reminder, this only apply to combat mount.

Mount leveling 1
Step 1: Open Character Interface or simply press "C". Click on the Combat mount improvement button on the right.
Mount leveling 2
Step 2: Once combat mount interface is open, Choose the combat mount that you wish to level up from your bag.
Mount leveling 3
Step 3: Drag and drop the combat mount into the provided slot. The maximum level you can reach to level up your mount also correspond to the level of your character.
Mount leveling 4
Step 4: Select the button pointed and choose the stats that you prefer. You can have two choices of stats to add to the mount.
Mount leveling 5
Step 5: Once you selected two of the stats that you want, press OK. (Caution: Image is almost related unless you cannot resist)
Reset To reset your combat mount back to level 1, and to choose new stats, Purchase a "Combat mount Reset Scroll" from Item mall, Auction house or from players.

Rules and Regulation on mount leveling:

  • The stats which you have chosen, For example: STR and Attack, will be upgraded randomly. Meaning at each successful up-leveling of the combat mount it will upgrade either STR first, or attack first. Comparatively, if you would upgrade two combat mount of the same stats, lets say STR and Attack, you will realize if both the combat mount reached level 50, it does not give the same stats.
  • The stats of the combat mount correspond only to your level. For example: If your combat mount reached level 80, and you archive the mount to use it at another level 70 character, the mount will only gave the stats of the mount at level 70. You will not lose the level 80 stats on the combat mount.
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