Mining is one of the four ways sprites can gather raw materials for crafting. Sprites can also do forage, hunt and salvage.

Certain mining-class materials, such as Resonance Dragon Stone, can only be obtained by building Reputation points with the Iron Stone Association. To do so, you will have to complete special repeatable quests that your Sprites may give you after a round of mining. These look like yellow glowing scrolls and after completing them, can be turned into Iron Stone Association Cashier Hatt in Jale. To complete them, you will simply need to collect whatever raw materials they require.

Sprite Mining Table
Mining Level Name Basic Find Secondary Find Tertiary Find Scrolls
L3 Fissure Exploration Bronze Ore x11 --- --- ---
L5 Fault Exploration Bronze Ore x9 Uncut Gemstone --- ---
L11 Mineral Exploration Bronze Ore x18 Moonstone --- Mineral Order No. 102
L15 Fissure Vent Exploration Bronze Ore x13 Cat's Eye Time Energy Essence Mineral Order No. 103
L21 Cave Exploration Iron Ore x18 Psychic Quartz --- Mineral Order No. 104
L25 Empty Mine Exploration Iron Ore x20 Sparkling Gemstone --- Mineral Order No. 105
L31 Ancient Rock Exploration Steel Alloy Ore x17 Prismatic Gemstone --- Mineral Order No. 106
L34 Cave Ruins Exploration Steel Alloy Ore x20 Ancient Gold --- Mineral Order No. 107
L37 Crater Exploration Steel Alloy Ore x23 Dead Iron --- Mineral Order No. 108
L41 Tomb Exploration Midnight Ore x15 Blood Crystal --- Mineral Order No. 109
L44 Great Cliff Exploration Midnight Ore x18 Life Crystal --- Mineral Order No. 110
L47 Deep Cave Exploration Midnight Ore x21 Dancing Light Gemstone --- Mineral Order No. 111
L51 Mountain Exploration Platinum Ore x15 Green Emerald Dragonscale Ore Mineral Order No. 112
L53 Frontier Exploration Platinum Ore x18 Magic White Silver Holy Metal Mineral Order No. 113
L55 Deep Sea Exploration Platinum Ore x21 Void Gemstone Deep Sea Crystal Mineral Order No. 114
L57 Earth's Core Exploration Platinum Ore x24 Dark Diamond Molten Core Mineral Order No. 115
L61 Crust Exploration Illusionary Crystal Ore x14 Brilliant Silver --- Mineral Order No. 116
L63 Volcano Exploration Illusionary Crystal Ore x17 Blood Corrundum --- Mineral Order No. 117
L65 Cold North Exploration Illusionary Crystal Ore x20 Ice Beast Fossil Crystal --- Mineral Order No. 118
L67 Glacier Exploration Illusionary Crystal Ore x22 Crystallized Ice Vein --- Mineral Order No. 119
L69 Snow Mountain Exploration Illusionary Crystal Ore x25 Snow Mountain Sunshine Crystal Pearl Pebble Mineral Order No. 120
L69 Abyss Excavation Illusionary Crystal Ore x25 Mottled Unknown Rock Phantom Floating Magnetic Stone Mineral Order No. 130
L71 Icecleft Vale Expedition Aurora Gem x17 Green Fluorescent Stone Pearl Pebble Mineral Order No. 121
L73 Permafrost Expedition Aurora Gem x15 Moonstone Sand Sprite Tears Mineral Order No. 122
L74 Fiery Cave Expedition Aurora Gem x20 Dark Unknown Rock Fiery Shadow Emerald Mineral Order No. 131
L75 Icy Cave Expedition Aurora Gem x17 Barrier Stone Sprite Tears Mineral Order No. 123
L76 Polar Ice Expedition Aurora Gem x19 Ice Agate Radiant Crystal Mineral Order No. 124
L79 Crystal Crevice Expedition Aurora Gem x21 Rose Stone Radiant Crystal Mineral Order No. 125
L80 Primitive Dale Expedition Aurora Gem x21 Chaotic Unknown Rock Beast Soul Crystal Mineral Order No. 132
L81 Tomb Exploration Strange Gem x23 Soul Stone Blood Tear Mineral Order No. 126
L83 Falls Exploration Strange Gem x25 Rainbow Emerald Blood Tear Mineral Order No. 127
L83 Death Valley Expedition Strange Gem x25 Confounded Unknown Rock Alternate Amber Mineral Order No. 133
L85 Falls Exploration Sparkling Gem x27 Amethyst Ice Demon Tear Essence Mineral Order No. 128
L87 Molten Stone Exploration Sparkling Gem x29 Moss Green Crystal Demon Tear Essence Mineral Order No. 129
L89 Rainbow Lake Expedition Sparkling Gem x29 Twisted Unknown Rock Liquid Electrum Mineral Order No. 134
L91 Frozen Snow Exploration Wrathful Crystal x31 Moon Shadow Stone Ancient Volcano Stone Mineral Order No. 135
L93 Fevered Desert Exploration Wrathful Crystal x33 Sunlight Orb Ancient Volcano Stone Mineral Order No. 136
L93 Molten River Exploration Wrathful Crystal x33 Distorted Unknown Rock Molten Crystal Gem Mineral Order No. 139
L95 Glittering Mine Excavation Dream Tear Ore x35 Frost Crystal Sand Coldfrost Crystal Mineral Order No. 137
L97 Hades Cavern Exploration Dream Tear Ore x37 Blood Diamond Coldfrost Crystal Mineral Order No. 138
L99 Border Crater Dig Dream Tear Ore x37 Trippy Unknown Rock Ancient Meteorite Mineral Order No. 140

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