Yes, that's right. "Lucky Star"! What is Lucky Star? Lucky Star is a Betting system found in your sprites duel tab. So, How does it work? It's pretty simple really.

How To Play

Go to your sprites duel tab, press on the "Lucky Star" Button and this will pop up.

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You may pick 5 numbers from 1­20. After you've picked your numbers, press "Place Bet". You will be prompted to accept. Once you've accepted, a daily will pop up saying "You have completed "Try Your Hand!" quest"! Pretty neat, a chance to win some ka-­ching, plus you get some EXP for it! But, want to better your chances at winning? You can get extra Lottery Tickets by going to "Coin Exchange Staff Member," at x1004, y508 in Angoya Island, getting some Coconut Coins. After you've done this, Open your sprites interface and go to the Duel tab, then press Sprite-Go! You can spin the wheel and here's how getting an extra ticket works;

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So, just so we're clear you need to land on, 777, Yellow Yellow Yellow, Black Black Black, Red Red Red, Green Green Green. And the ticket + % of jackpot won will be mailed to you via your mail box.