Two sprite messengers may become a couple together, each refers to the other as a Lover. They share a bond and have many advantages when fighting together. A couple will gain many advantages from buffs and exclusive access to items such as potions with shorter cool-downs, experience and item charms, and various other things using love coins.

Each lover can easily track each other for convenience, their locations are displayed on the world map with the exception of the lover being in dungeon, or on a different channel. The lover menu is a sub menu of
Social (Hotkey "O") and may be accessed by clicking the Lover tab.

If your lover isn't the one you thought he/she would be then you can easily break up with him/her by right clicking its name and selecting "Break-Up". The person that breaks up with the partner will have a 24 hour de-buff on him/herself which will make the person unable to get a new partner.

If somebody confesses their love to you, does not mean you are officially a couple. If you are not into this person, you can always say Yes or No!!

If you say No, the person won't see that you say "Oh no thanks," ;) It will say that you are already in a relationship at the moment and cannot be in a different relationship. If you say Yes, everybody will be notified just how they will be notified when you say no. They will be notified through chat and so will be a celebration! (If you choose too)

So if you are just not into the person, don't be afraid to say NO. If you are... well then... go and confess your love!

Acquiring Love Coins

Each Lover will be ridding Saphael of rare evil creatures and helping the people of Saphael on their quests. Doing so will add up to the love index. The Love Index is 20 fame long and for every 20 fame the couple receives from completing quests and defeating rare monsters, the Love Index is filled and 1 coin is obtained for the couple to share and spend.

Every 7 days after the day the couple gets together, they receive a weekly love coin bonus. The bonus is determined by the following formula:
Level of player 1 + Level of player 2 = Total Level
Total Level / 10 = Weekly Bonus

The Sweet Love Couple Store

The Sweet Love Couple Store can be found in 3 locations. All locations sell the same items.

  • Guardian Sprite of Couples Aphrodite (Kaslow, x=177, y=186)
  • Guardian Sprite of Couples Hathor (Ilya, x=226, y=41)
  • Guardian Sprite of Couples Ferega (Jale, x=250, y=215)


Name Effect Amount Love Coins
Love Experience Charm Boosts EXP gain +25% for 30 minutes. 1 10
Lucky Star Charm Boosts item drop rate +25% for 1 hour. 1 10
Craftsman's Steel Chisel Chance to drill one hole in a weapon or armor below level 30, failure will result in lowered durability. 1 25
Craftsman's Silver Chisel Chance to drill one hole in a weapon or armor below level 45, failure will result in lowered durability 1 45
Good Grinding Fortune Bag Fortune bag that gives miscellaneous pots, bags, gems, experience and drop charms, and teleport stones. 1 20
Love Cloth Backpack 14-slot backpack 1 45
Sprite Chief’s Bliss Lv1 Chance of making level 30 or below equipment +10% effect; lasts for 30 mins, removed after 1 attempt. 1 15
Sprite Chief’s Bliss Lv2 Chance of making level 45 or below equipment +10% effect; lasts for 30 mins, removed after 1 attempt. 1 35


Level Name Effect Amount Love Coins
-- Vita Potion 400-500 HP will be restored after use 40 1
-- Soma Ether 250-350 MP will be restored after use 40 1
15 Vita Mid-Potion 775-925 HP will be restored after use 60 2
15 Soma Mid-Ether 635-765 MP will be restored after use 60 2
30 Vita High Potion 1325-1575 HP will be restored after use 80 3
30 Soma High Ether 1205-1395 MP will be restored after use 80 3
45 Vita Super Potion 2050-2450 HP will be restored after use 100 4
45 Soma Super Ether 1960-2240 MP will be restored after use 100 4
60 Vita Wonder Potion 2950-3550 HP will be restored after use 100 5
60 Soma Wonder Ether 2900-3300 MP will be restored after use 100 5
75 Vita Essence Potion 4025-4875 HP will be restored after use 100 8
75 Soma Essence Ether 4025-4575 MP will be restored after use 100 8


Note that some skills have levels (1, 2, 3). You must have the prerequisite in order to upgrade. Ie. You will need Devoted Love 1 in order to learn Devote Love 2, and you will need Devoted Love 2 in order to learn Devoted Love 3.

Level Name Effect Love Coins
-- Letter - Soul Link Instantly move to your lover’s location (can't be used in instances / battlefield / etc...) 30
-- Letter - Strength of the Heart Each lover’s ACC + 25% when skill is active 50
-- Letter - Racing Heart Lover’s movement speed + 15% when skill is active 70
-- Letter - Devoted Love 1 Lover’s VIT + 6 when skill is active 50
30 Letter - Devoted Love 2 Lover’s VIT + 10 when skill is active 100
45 Letter - Devoted Love 3 Lover’s VIT + 16 when skill is active 200
-- Letter - Fierce Love 1 Lover’s STR and AGI + 15 when skill is active 25
30 Letter - Fierce Love 2 Lover’s STR and AGI + 25 when skill is active 50
45 Letter - Fierce Love 3 Lover’s STR and AGI + 40 when skill is active 100
-- Letter - Mature Love 1 Lover’s INT and WIL + 15 when skill is active 25
30 Letter - Mature Love 2 Lover’s INT and WIL + 25 when skill is active 50
45 Letter - Mature Love 3 Lover’s INT and WIL + 40 when skill is active 100
85 Letter - Wandering Love 1 Lover’s physical critical hit +1% while this skill is active 100
85 Letter - Wild Love 1 Lover’s attack speed +1% while this skill is active 100
85 Letter - Forbidden Love 1 Lover’s magical critical hit rate +1% while this skill is active 200

[GM]8bit's Lover Guide

Love is in the air with Valentine's Day just around the corner! In Grand Fantasia, love doesn't just mean hugs and kisses. There's much, much more! We have a Lovers System built in that allows for buffs, items and even a 10% experience bonus exclusive to couples! Here’s a guide that will help you utilize the Lovers System!

Guardian Sprites of Couples! Eros, Aphrodite, Hathor and Kosu!

Eros and Aphrodite are both located in Kaslow (x:177, Y188) and Jale (x:249, y:209).

Lover Eros and Aphrodite.jpg

Hathor and Kosu are in Ilya (x:234, y:42).

Lover Kosu and Hathor.jpg

They are here to share their vast knowledge of love and have information regarding the Lover System. They are also merchants where you can purchase exclusive items for couples using Lover Coins (more on this later).

Lovers Window/Tab

To access the Lovers Window/Tab press “o” then click on the Lovers Tab. This window has details about your lover including your anniversary date, length of your relationship, amount of Lover Coins (more on this in a bit), the pillow talk chat window (more on this in a bit), and where to Break Up a relationship.

Lover Window.jpg

How to Breakup

Not all relationships work for the best and that’s what the break up is all about. On the bottom left of the Lovers Window, click Break Up. A prompt will then show up asking you to confirm that you will break up. The person who breaks up the relationship will then receive a debuff called Curse of the Heartless. This curse prevents you from becoming someone else’s lover for 24 hours. Also, you will lose all Lover Coins.

Lover Break Up.jpg
Lover Break Up Curse.jpg


Lover’s Whereabouts

A couple can easily find each other on the same map by looking for the heart shaped icon! On the regional map, a pink triangular icon will show the location of your Lover.

Lover Location.jpg
Lover Location 2.jpg

Experience Bonus

While out adventuring couples earn a 10% bonus to experience gained from killing monsters!

Lover Exp Boost.jpg

Pillow Talk

Pillow talk allows the couple to send/receive messages that only each other can view/edit. This is accessed through the Lover Window/Tab and found at the bottom portion of it.

Lover Pillow Talk.jpg

Lover Coins

One of the best benefits to having an in game lover is the ability to gain 'Lover coins'. These coins allow you to purchase special buffs you can cast onto your in game partner, buy special potions and various other items. As stated previously, these items can be purchased from the Guardian Sprite of Couples.

To gain Lover Coins they must kill rare mobs, dungeon bosses or world bosses such as the emissaries/heralds to earn reputation points. For every 20 points you earn 1 Lover Coin. There is also a weekly bonus awarded. The sum of the 2 Lovers’ levels divided by 20 determines the bonus.

Here are a few examples that will give you an idea as to how many points/coins you earn from certain monsters:

  • <Lunatic Doomsday Emissary> Sloths's Illusion Level 75 World Boss = 40 Reputation Points = 2 Lover Coins
  • <Berserk Emissary> Lust's Madness Level 70 World Boss = 30 Reputation Points = 1.5 Lover Coins
  • <Berserk Emissary> Gluttony's Madness Level 70 World Boss = 30 Reputation Points = 1.5 Lover Coins
  • <Emissary of Doomsday> Hot-Blooded Ram Lust Level 60 World Boss = 20 Reputation points = 1 Lover Coin
  • <Emissary's Avatar> Lust's Herald Level 40 World Boss = 6 Reputation Points
  • <Giant Enemy Crab> Krudit Level 30 Dungeon "Main” Boss = 2 Reputation Points
  • <Dark Watchdog> Rubis Level 24 Dungeon Boss = 1 Reputation Point
  • <Watcher of Slaves> Xerxes Level 34 World Boss = 1 Reputation Point
  • <Rollback Crustacean> Clawe-Inspiring Crab Level 26 Rare Zone Specific Mob = 1 Reputation Point

Once you have accumulated enough Lover Coins, you can then use them to purchase items and spells from the Guardian Sprites of Couples.

Lover Item.jpg
Lover Spell Scroll.jpg

After purchasing a spell scroll and using it, you will be sent on a quest to actually receive the spell. Once received, the spell will show up in your Lover Window.

Lover Spell in Window.jpg

Wedding System

Once you have found a lover, you now have the ability to bring your relationship closer by getting married! However there are some certain requirements needed before you can do so.

Once you reach level 20 you can visit Merlin in Ilya to receive the quest L20. Test of Love (REP). He will explain to you that you must visit 1 NPC in each of the three major cities. You then have to visit and complete each of their quests.

The first quest will require you to speak to Jessica in Kaslow to receive the quest L20. Test of Courage and Protection (REP) which requires you to kill Rubis in Prairie Cave to collect the quest drop. Hand that back into Jessica to receive a scroll for Passed Test of Love 1 and the title Courageous Romance.

The second quest will require you to visit Edward in Ilya. Talk to him to receive the quest L20. Test of Patience and Determination I (REP) which comes in three parts. With each part you get a debuff which will require you to wait a certain amount of time before you can take the next part of the quest. Once you have waited for the debuffs to go and completed and handed in the 3 part quest you will receive a scroll for Passed Test of Love 2 for Merlin's quest as well as the title Enduring Romance.

As for the last quest you must head to Jale to visit Stan to get his quest L20. Test of Kindness and Love (REP). This requires you purchase a Dull Gem for 1000 gold which you will get back after completing Merlin's quest. Hand this in the receive the dull dem and the Passed Test of Love 3 scroll and the title Hopeful Romance.

Now that you have completed these quests head back to Merlin to hand in the final quest. You will receive an item called Eternal Bond Essence which will help organise your wedding along with the title Eternal Bond.

Note: L20. Test of Courage and Protection (REP) and L20. Test of Love (REP) will only show up at Jessica and Merlin if you fulfill these 2 requirements:

  • You are lovered, meaning not single or married
  • You are of appropriate level

Organising your Wedding!

Head to Angoya Island and meet up with Wedding Party Organizer Nino! From here you choose if you want a General or Luxurious Wedding.

Luxurious Wedding Conditions

Purchase the Love Angel Wedding Gift Box (Perm costumes) or Romantic Wedding Gift Box (Temp costumes) from the in-game Item Mall.

General Wedding Conditions

  • Pay 2,500 Love Coins.
  • Pay handling fee 2500 Gold (paid by those who file the application).
  • Both parties have dated for more than 100 days.
  • Both have “Crystal of Love Burden” status.
  • Both players shall be on line and near each other.

General Wedding

Nino will wed the two players together. Once both players hit the confirm option that appears after handing in the application, the two are now a married couple. Afterwards Nino sends both the players a ring in congratulations of their marriage.


The Luxurious Wedding ring, 5 Carat Magical Passion Ring, gives better bonuses than the General Wedding ring. If lovers choose this option they must have the Angoya Island Casino Rent Vouchers with them when choosing this option. Once this option is chosen, a special arena will open when anyone can join and celebrate the wedding. If you join the wedding the Casino will take 30g admission fee. The characters getting married must click on the Battlefield icon in the mini-map to enter the Casino. Then the two lovers can go back to Merlin and have him do the vows for the wedding. Once both lovers hit the confirm key that pops up, they are now both newly weds. They will also receive rings as a congratulations from Merlin.

Luxurious Wedding Ring


General Wedding Ring


Wedding Bonuses

Now that you're married your lover tab has changed quite a bit!
New Lover Tab.png

New passive buffs After marriage you will see that your lover tab has been changed quite a bit. There is now a spot which shows how well the marriage is going. With hints on how to make this go up. With each different level of happiness in the marriage, a different passive buff is acquired when the two are in a party together.

  • During Hot Love Period, you get the bonus of: + 20 points to ATK, M-ATK, Defense, M-Defense, and Target ATK and +5 points to Evade.
  • During Sweet Period, you get the bonus of: +15 points to ATK, M-ATK, and Hit.
  • During Stable Period, you get the bonus of: 10 points to defense and M-Defense, +2 points to Evade
  • During Boring Period, you get the bonus of: +1 point to MAX HP and Energy

Also alongside these new passive buffs, there are new buffs you can acquire from the lover sprites in each city.

  • Love's Passionate Stare: When cast, recovers lover's 15% HP per second and decreases damage taken by 20%, lasts 5 seconds.
  • Love's Selfless Act: When cast, generates a large amount of Malice within a circular range of your lover.
  • Love's Rescue Hug: Pull your lover close to you.
  • Love's Ultimate Flash: When cast, inflicts Blind status to all enemies within a circular range of your lover; lasts 15 seconds.

Wedding After Party


After the wedding celebration, you may purchase a wedding celebration kit from the Item Mall. This would include Invitations to give to your friends.

Once you have the items necessary go to Receptionist Jia wei (941, 528) at Angoya Island to enter the wedding room, where the party will take place. During the party you can receive prizes and enjoy the festive fun hosted by the Red Coconut Paradise. Such prizes range from sprite consumables to fortification items, to even SKBs(L1-6).

Note: You MUST be in a raid party in order to enter the wedding room.


Sometimes things just do not work out, so now comes the process of getting a divorce in Grand Fantasia.

1. Go to Merlin in Ilya to apply for a divorce.
2. You then have to pay 2500 gold (by the one applying the divorce), and both players have to be near each other with the rings they received in their backpacks.
3. Merlin will ask for one more confirmation, once both agree the divorce is complete.
4. To complete a divorce without the other there, an AP item is available in the in-game item mall which is the Heartbreaking Contract. If you have this item take it to Merlin so he can magically separate the two of you.
5. If your lover uses the AP item, then the one who was not included can now return the ring to Edward to receive a fortune box of consolation.

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