General Information

Type Token Tradable Yes
Description Amazing coins that can be exchanged for a gift with the Jelly Rabbit Fan Club.
Drop from Pottery
Buyable at Drop only

These coins can be found throughout the world of Saphael. Break vases and treasure chests you find around the world to collect them. Once you have enough coins you can redeem them with any Jelly Rabbit Fan Club NPC (found beside most teleporters). They will give you a Jelly Rabbit Gift Box in exchange.

Jelly Rabbit Coin NPCs
Level of Box # of Coins / Box Where is NPC found?
20 3 next to teleported at low level maps & main towns
30 6 next to teleporters at Black Swamp, Belcar Plateau and Southern Island
40 12 next to teleporters at Angoya Island, Plague Forest and Bone Reef Peninsula
50 18 next to teleporters at Lost Highlands and Misty Wetlands
60 24 next to teleporter at Prism Island Prairie
70 30 next to teleporter at Eternal Mountains
80 36 next to teleporter at Spirit Valley
85 100 Jelly Hunter Agogo at Frostfire Pass

Right click to open the box (you must also be of appropriate level!), prizes are random. Most often you will get HP / MP potions; can also get Jelly Rabbit summon items, rare mounts, or quest items for Jelly Rabbit Capes. Jelly Rabbit Capes can be found in boxes of all levels and you can choose from an HP regenerating or MP regenerating cape.

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 1 - L20

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 2 - L30

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 3 - L40

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 4 - L50

Jelly Rabbit Secret Gift 5 - L60

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 6 - L70

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 7 - L80

Jelly Rabbit Mystery Gift 8 - L85

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