I. The Map 

Jale GW Map
  • Overseer orbs prevents stealthing for enemies when they are close to your base. 
  • Once a side hits 500 points, opposing side's Crystal Column will be vulnerable (can be attacked). 
  • If neither sides hit 500 points by 15 minutes, the Crystal Column for both sides will be open for attack. 
  • Every player from winning side will receive the same amount of Crystal Guardian Points, regardless of kill/amount of participation which means that all points given from each given role (ie., killing other players by saboteurs) goes towards the war itself, not the player. 

II. The Roles  • There are 3 roles for Jale GvG: Leaders, Saboteurs and Scouts.  • Each player is allowed only one role at any given time.  • A role must be selected before entering the battlefield (leaving the spawn area).  • Special roles will disappear after a set amount of time or upon death. 

1. Leaders: 

Leader Role

  •  Only 3 leaders allowed at any given time. 
  • -15% movement speed. 
  • +25% attack to saboteurs when close. 
  • Can cap enemy crystals (either from white or enemy color). 
  •  Will only receive points when killing enemy leader. 
  • Can protect own base crystal. 
  • Once leader dies, they can not be a leader again. 

2. Sabotuers:

Sabotuers Role

  • Able to kill other players for points. 
  • Can not capture enemy crystals. 
  • +25% defense to Leaders when close. 

3. Scouts:   

Scout Role

  • Able to neutralize the enemy crystal (turn it to white). 
  •  Can kill other players but will receive limited points. 
  • -50% defense debuff. 
  • +15% movement speed. 

III. Three Ways to Win 

  1. Full-hour war: the guild with the highest point wins at the end of the hour. 
  1. If one side's Guardian Crystal Column is destroyed, the opposing side wins. 
  1. Whichever side is first to hit 3,000 points wins.