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Greetings fellow adventurers!

In this section, we will present some of the common bugs that are experienced when playing Grand Fantasia and their possible solutions. We hope you find them useful.

Installation errors

Sometimes, even before we are able to play this beautiful fantasy game, we may face errors such as the following:

Unable to run the installer.

You may require system administrator privileges to write to the destination folder, try installing the game to a different path, or try installing the game from an administrator account. You can also try the Alternative Download.

The installer does not proceed.

You can try to fix this by running the installer again with administrator rights, waiting, or by going to our Alternative Download.

The installer is in Spanish/French/Portuguese.

It is possible that you downloaded the corresponding one to another server, access the official page to download the correct one.

Errors when starting the game

Errors also occur when trying to run the launcher. Among the errors when launching the game, we can find the ones mentioned below:

Afro bug on black screen when connecting.

This is because the game could not load properly, try running it as administrator.

Grand Fantasia.exe disappeared.

There is a possibility that it is the work of those evil antivirus or antimalware programs. Try adding the folder where you have installed the game to the antivirus exceptions and restoring Grand Fantasia.exe if the software quarantined it.

To do this, follow the steps below:

Add Exclusion to antivirus

  1. From the taskbar, we access our protection software.
  2. Go to its configuration.
  3. Look for the exceptions/exclusions section and access it.
  4. Choose add/create a new one
  5. Select folder and in the explorer window that opens, navigate to the folder where the game is installed or you can paste its path directly.
  6. Click on accept/select
  7. Select add/save changes.

Restore from quarantine

To find the .exe in the quarantine, follow these steps:

  1. We access our security programme
  2. Look for options related to browsing/protection history, quarantine, details and there is usually the quarantine section.
  3. Look for Grand Fantasia.exe in it.
  4. Select the item and choose restore.
  5. Finally, we give "yes/accept" to the dialog boxes that appear.

You can search the internet for how to access the exclusions and quarantine sections for your specific antivirus, as there is a wide variety of protection options.

http can't connect.

An error caused by the client's inability to connect to the server. Its main causes are:

  • Firewall prevents connection
  • Antivirus prevents connection
  • There are restrictions to your connection speed/capacity to the server
  • You have no internet

We can try to fix this problem with the following solutions

Add an exception to the firewall

  • To allow the connection through the firewall, follow these steps:
    • From the security panel or control panel, open Windows Firewall or Firewall and Network Protection.
    • Select Allow an application.
    • In the list of applications that appears, choose Change Settings.
    • Now we can search for and change the permissions. If Grand Fantasia does not appear, click on the Allow another application button.
    • When the browser window pops up, click browse and navigate to the folder where the game is located; add Grand Fantasia.exe and Launcher.exe.

Add an exclusion to the antivirus (as explained above).

Check our internet connection

  • To check our internet connection, we can try accessing other websites, do a Ping test, run Windows network diagnostics or contact our internet service provider.

Modify the LauncherMod file

  • This process is simple, we just need to go to the folder where the game is located, and edit the LauncherMod file. What we need to modify here is the following:
  • On line 30, we will find "OPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT = 30".
  • On line 34, we will see "OPT_TIMEOUT = 60".
  • We must change the value in line 30 to 5000 and the one in line 34 to 6000. All that remains is to save the file.
  • It is important not to change anything else.

Run the client scanner.

  • Similarly, we can run the UPgradeClient_Full_Check file, which will do a scan of the client. We just need to go to the game folder and run the file.

Out Of Memory

This error is caused by system memory saturation. We have too many programs open or processes running. Try closing them to run the game, or restart the pc.

Another option, not recommended, is to modify the virtual memory of the system, if you are ready to take the risk, you can do some research in the Microsoft forums.

Sometimes moving the game folder to the desktop solves this problem.

Errors with UI/.ini/.nif files

These errors can be caused by lack of privileges or the launcher is currently unable to download them. Sometimes it helps to wait and then run the launcher update, otherwise you can run the launcher as administrator. If this does not solve the problem, wait for an updated alternative download.

Unable to connect to server

Check that you are running the correct launcher. The executable "Launcher.exe" is used to launch Grand Fantasia instead of "_Launcher.exe".

Login connection failed

It is likely that the server is under maintenance or you are having some problems and your network is slow to reach the server.

Browsing to the web page was cancelled

You probably need to scan as administrator, update internet explorer or have a connection problem.

Script Error

These are script errors on the website, just click "Yes" on all messages.

Saving character data

Usually happens when the character is disconnected in Tower of Millions of Beasts and the data remains there, you must wait for the tower to close to be able to log in.

LoadDB error

This is caused by missing language packs. You can install the Traditional Chinese language pack from the Microsoft website.

Direct X error

Regardless of having the latest version of Direct X, we need to install Direct X 9, or our Direct X is not up to date or not installed at all. We need to install it to fix this problem.

Errors after logging in.

Bugs can also appear while playing the game, among the most common ones we have:

Afro Bug

Mainly occurs when the game cannot access its libraries, files or environment at the right time, so when it reaches the reading, it crashes, leaving the screen black and throwing the classic error message.

It usually happens after the game freezes and the character keeps moving forward or nearby characters/enemies are still moving, or when leaving a spell that requires the floor to be loaded and changing maps.

There is no concrete solution, but the following can be used to "skip" the scan after this bug:

Skip scanning for afro bug

  • Go to the folder where the game is installed.
  • Locate the following files:
    • GameDataFileList
    • GameDataFileList_old
    • GameTemp
  • Backup to another location
  • After an Afro bug, paste a copy of these three files into the game folder.
  • It is important to note that after each patch, all three files must be updated to avoid a larger bug.

.NET bug

This is the equivalent of the afro bug, with no known solution.

Lettering/Fonts Error

It can happen that sometimes when entering the game, we find that the system fonts are either in italics or with Chinese characters.

The problem with the Chinese fonts can be fixed by scanning the game as administrator and in case it is not solved, it is advisable to use the Alternative Download.

To fix the italic fonts error, we need to modify the font file

Edit the Font.ini file

  1. On lines 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15, we will find that it is marked "Arial".
  2. We modify the lines so that instead of "Arial" they contain "Calibri" (in all the indicated lines).
  3. Save the file

You have been disconnected from the server/Your connection to the server has been lost.

This error usually occurs due to lack of communication between the client and the server, so it can occur when the server goes into maintenance, a channel collapses or is very saturated, our internet is interrupted or slow. Similarly, if the computer can disable its network adapters due to inactivity, go to sleep, disconnect or go into aeroplane mode, it will create this type of failure.

While it may be for reasons related to our connection, when it is attributable to the server, you can wait for it to be re-established or you can do a scan.

Useful Considerations

Some tips that may be useful to avoid problems with the game are:

  1. Keep your system up to date
  2. Use the latest version of the drivers
  3. Do not make any modifications to the game files
  4. Install the game from the official website or by using the Alternative Download.
  5. Do not overload the system

While there are infinite configurations, customisations, environments and every user is different, we hope that this small guide will help you to deal with the most common problems.