Grand Fantasia Wikia
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Greetings messenger!

Welcome to the alternative download section.

We know that nothing is perfect and sometimes there can be some issues with the game we love so much, so we have an option to deal with that problem.

Below is the download link, accompanied by a short guide.

Link to Google Drive

Using the alternative download

  1.   To start, we must download the indicated file to our computer.
  2.   The next step is to unzip the file on the desktop or in the same download location. To do this, we give a secondary click and in the options of our decompression programme, we select "extract to: alternative download" and let the programme finish.
  3.   Once we have unzipped the copy of the game, the next step is to go to the folder where Grand Fantasy is installed.
  4.   Then, delete all the contents of the folder.
  5.   Once we have the folder empty, we move the contents of the alternative download folder to our game folder. We wait for the system to finish moving all the files... and we're done.
  6.   We run our launcher normally.